“Rise of the Youpreneur” by Chris Ducker – Book Review

Have you been successful in your personal brand? Have you ever heard of a Youpreneur?

Well, prior to reading this book, I have never heard of Chris Ducker or the term, Youpreneur.

In 2014, Mr. Ducker, an expert in business strategy and marketing, and owner of a start-up company providing virtual assistants, coined the term, Youpreneur.

He has quite an interesting story about how he unintentionally self-branded himself, and became a successful speaker, coach, and mentor to over thousands of followers making up his very own Youpreneur Community.

After years of business experience, Chris finally gathered all his wisdom and squeezed them into the book, “Rise of the Youpreneur: The Definitive Guide to Becoming the Go-To Leader in your Industry and Building a Future Proof Business”.

Youpreneur, which means as it sounds, starting a business based on your personal brand, “you”. I describe it as a, Subject Matter Expert, who is capable of generating revenue through speaking, teaching, mentoring, counseling, or coaching. 

It is obvious that this book is part of Chris Ducker’s personal brand, he teaches how to create a fanbase, generate revenue through various means of online marketing.

I purchased the kindle book and audible, so, I read it once and listened to it twice.  The book was published by 4C press and garnered a five star rating with over 250 reviews on Amazon.  Click here to see his reviews on Amazon

Not bad for his second book in 5 years. 

I enjoyed reading and listening to the book, most of his tips are common sense, however, most people like myself tend to overthink things and miss those key concepts Chris had described in his book.

For example, he gives a tip on sending an email to your fan base, but be considerate of world wide events, such as days of sorrow.  It’s the courteous thing to do, but some people overlook this. Especially when you’re in a dilemma such as a predetermined launch date of podcast or an upcoming event you will be attending.

He also came up with an idea of categorizing your email listing based on the interest of your audience. The ones most interested send them a weekly email, the ones not so interested, send them an email once a month. 

These simple tips may seem common sense, yet they are extremely effective.  In reality, most people will never figure this out unless they actually read his book!

I feel this book ranks fairly high when compared to other Tech Marketing books.  Only because it covers everything such as how to create your brand, social media marketing, and monetizing your product.

Chris’ writing style is very informal, which makes this a fun and easy read.  The audible is quite entertaining because it’s done with an English accent, which gives it an authentic touch. 

Here are five takeaways for those considering to read this book.

  1. Learn how to define yourself and most importantly your customer
  2. Build your online presence and strategize your resources to attract and retain customers
  3. Create your personalized product and how to market yourself
  4. How to spread your message and position yourself as an expert
  5. Grow your business through various means to include developing People to People relationships (P2P)

In my opinion, I think this is as good as it gets for your beginner Youpreneur.  If you are intrigued with e-commerce or have any interest in providing some sort of online service or product, this is definitely a book to get you started! Don’t wait! Click here to buy his e-book!

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Are you a Youpreneur or have you read this book? Or just want to share your thoughts. Leave a comment below.

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