3 Reasons why you should attend Social Media Week NYC ’19

This year, New York City will host its very own Social Media Week event from 30 April thru 2 May 2019. 

This exclusive event will serve as the flagship for over 200 SMW planned events throughout the year, hosted in different locations around the world. “#SMWNYC”, which is the official hashtag, will be held in the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel, right in the heart of the New York. 

It will focus on social media and is tailored to a variety of IT and Marketing backgrounds within the business, non-profit, government, and academia space! Social Media has taken a common role in everyday lives, especially in Generation Z.  In the near future, experts predict there will be more than 5 billion social media users worldwide.

The world has truly become more connected yet complicated in reaching the masses via social media.  Therefore, SMWNYC# is the perfect venue for IT and marketing professionals to learn, innovate, and inspire!

Spread the word and lobby your organization or business to leverage Social Media and understand the nuts and bolts of what makes it tick.  Have them send you to #SMWNYC, because it will provide a wealth of knowledge empowering organizations and individuals to reach out, inspire, influence and entertain followers and customers through tweets, advertisements, storytelling and many more.

Here are my Top three reasons why you should attend #SMWNYC :

REASON 1. Over 300 key note speakers to network and learn from. Guest Speakers will be covering a wide variety of topics and issues related to Social Media.  Author Seth Godin, bestselling author of 18 books and a Marketing Hall of Fame 2018 inductee will be the main host of #SMWNYC! Not only will he do the closing remarks, he will have session called, “Social Media and the Revolution”, which will surely make this event well worth the trip.  For more information about Mr. Godin and other speakers, click here.

REASON 2. Over 100 breakout sessions to choose from! As an attendee you have a wide assortment of discussions and workshops to fit your Social Media needs, topics ranging from influencer tactics, storytelling to marketing campaigns, every aspect of Social Media one can have in a week.  Spectacular Smith, CEO, Adwizar, who developed a start-up, providing consultation and maintenance of over 200 celebrity accounts will also host a session called, “How Spectacular Smith turned followers to revenue”. 

Another exciting session will be hosted by Shiv Singh, Founder and CEO of Savvy Matters, his company specializes in advising startups and Fortune 500 companies to develop marketing strategies in today’s digital age. His latest book, Savvy – Navigating Fake Companies, Fake Leaders and Fake News”, is sure to spark your interest, especially in today’s world of social media.  Mr. Singh will be hosting a breakout session called, “Taking Responsibility for Fake News: How We Accept and Perpetuate It”. For more information and full list of sessions for #SMWNYC, click here.

REASON 3. Catch up and get ahead in Social Media news and trends. Many companies are beginning to learn that reaching out to Generation Z is far different than X and Millennials. Going to SMWNYC# will give you exclusive access to discussions and topics vital for entrepreneurs, journalists, bloggers, and marketing professionals to become successful! If you are an entrepreneur, professional, student, or hobbyist in media, marketing, communications, advertising, publishing, technology, or entertainment, then #SMWNYC is for you! 

These are just a few reasons why you should go to #SMWNYC, it’s a big deal…Social Media has changed the marketing space around the world and has been generating billions of dollars annually.  Not only is this big for business, but also for world leaders and influencers.

For more information about Social Media Week NYC, click here.

Are you planning to go to #SMWNYC? Please leave a review below.

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